Crispy filo pastry cups with vegetables

filodeeg bakjes met groenten.jpg

Sometimes it seems like I have a particular theme in a week. While it is actually based on pure coincidence. For example, last week I published Moroccan dishes and everything with apricots. Yesterday I published a recipe with bread cups and today with filo pastry cups. Probably it’s not a coincidence, but something on my mind without being aware of it. And because now I am writing everything down, I start to notice it. Kind of funny actually.

Anyway, cups… Super yummy crrrrrrrunchy cups with some kind of ratatouille. And your daily recommended serving of veggies? Easy peasy!

I made this dish on a regular Tuesday evening. But it looks so amazing, next time I will make this at a dinner party. Continue reading “Crispy filo pastry cups with vegetables”

Fast and easy: vegan chicken wrapped in lettuce or with a pita sandwich

pita kip.jpg

Wheh…hot isn’s it? To be honoust, it’s very Dutch to complain about the weather. Too cold, too much rain, too hot… In fact, I think this weather is fantastic, but since I live in the city, I’m not that fond of high temperatures anymore. When living on the third floor in Amsterdam it just gets too hot.

But what I would like to say is that it’s too hot to be in the kitchen to stand behind the stove for a long time.
So today, a fast and light meal. Vegetarian chicken with veggies that you can either eat with a pita bread or wrapped in lettuce for a extra light meal with not too much carbs. Continue reading “Fast and easy: vegan chicken wrapped in lettuce or with a pita sandwich”