Vegan pasta alla Norma

Do you know pasta alla Norma? It’s a very tasty pasta dish with fried eggplant, tomato and chili pepper. Traditionally pasta alla Norma also contains ricotta cheese. But it’s just as good without. And for non-vegans: you’ll save a lot of calories!

I always wondered who would be the Norma who came up with this dish. But it seems to be named after Bellinis opera Norma en finds its origin in Catania, a city on the east coast of Sicily. Continue reading “Vegan pasta alla Norma”

Taco with pumpkin and carrot salad

taco met pompoen en wortelsalade.jpg

It’s almost our oldest daughter’s birthday. Which means we need to take a critical look at all the stuff in the fridge and freezer. Otherwise we can never chill all the drinks and food for the visiting family. Only stuff that’s gone bad I throw out and for the rest I will have to  cook with leftovers.

I found a package of frozen pumpkin in the freezer. Usually we don’t eat pumpkin in the summer. But when it’s there, why not? That’s how I came up with this taco-pumpkin recipe.

taco tafel

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Vegan pasta pesto – healthy and on a budget

pasta pesto.jpg

Yesterday the kids were at school/ daycare, so I could do whatever I wanted! I decided to get on my bike and go to the business park nearby. There is a big store we call a toko. It’s an Indonesian store but at this one they also sell stuff from Suriname, Thailand, Japan and America. I love to shop there and always come home with too much stuff that will never fit into our kitchen cabinets.

I passed the Dutch wholesaler Sligro and decided to stop there first. Normally I have the kids with me and they are not allowed to go in there. I wanted to see if they would have the big jars of vegan pesto we have at The Pancake Bakery. That’s so good! I searched the entire store for pesto. When I finally found the pesto’s it turned out they don’t sell vegan ones. So 30 minutes later I finally walked out the store without any pesto.

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Vegan casserole – crepes with spinach and tomato sauce


When I ate less plantbased foods I used to make this casserole of crepes stuffed with spinach and cheese. I thought it would be fun to veganise this dish, because it’s so good. It was a bit of a challenge to get the filling cheesy but it turned out amazing.

And with all that spinach it’s super healthy. Did you know that spinach contains a lot of vitamin K? And it seems that vitamin K helps prevent wrinkles. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but there is no harm in trying.

If you have some batter left, use it to bake a crepe that you can eat for breakfast tomorrow. Stuff it with fruit like bananas and berries. Nice and easy! Continue reading “Vegan casserole – crepes with spinach and tomato sauce”

Crispy filo pastry cups with vegetables

filodeeg bakjes met groenten.jpg

Sometimes it seems like I have a particular theme in a week. While it is actually based on pure coincidence. For example, last week I published Moroccan dishes and everything with apricots. Yesterday I published a recipe with bread cups and today with filo pastry cups. Probably it’s not a coincidence, but something on my mind without being aware of it. And because now I am writing everything down, I start to notice it. Kind of funny actually.

Anyway, cups… Super yummy crrrrrrrunchy cups with some kind of ratatouille. And your daily recommended serving of veggies? Easy peasy!

I made this dish on a regular Tuesday evening. But it looks so amazing, next time I will make this at a dinner party. Continue reading “Crispy filo pastry cups with vegetables”

Vegan bread cups with yogurt and fresh fruits


If you’ve got 20 spare minutes in the morning, you should really make this breakfast. It looks gorgeous, but is in fact super easy to make.

Because you eat with your eyes first. I also notice that with my girls. They thought this breakfast was amazing. They wouldn’t be so excited if I served them toast with yogurt and fruit. The fact that there was a muffintray involved, made it an instant succes.😍

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Fast and easy: vegan chicken wrapped in lettuce or with a pita sandwich

pita kip.jpg

Wheh…hot isn’s it? To be honoust, it’s very Dutch to complain about the weather. Too cold, too much rain, too hot… In fact, I think this weather is fantastic, but since I live in the city, I’m not that fond of high temperatures anymore. When living on the third floor in Amsterdam it just gets too hot.

But what I would like to say is that it’s too hot to be in the kitchen to stand behind the stove for a long time.
So today, a fast and light meal. Vegetarian chicken with veggies that you can either eat with a pita bread or wrapped in lettuce for a extra light meal with not too much carbs. Continue reading “Fast and easy: vegan chicken wrapped in lettuce or with a pita sandwich”

Vegan millet porridge with apricot puree and fruit


I think brekkies are my specialty although I think they’re the hardest to come up with new ones. There is just so much you can do with oatmeal and fruit. Ofcourse I cook a savoury breakfast for a change, but sometimes you’re just into fruit for breakfast. So today I share a recipe for millet porridge. Millet is not a grain but a seed, just like quinoa. Millet is gluten free. If you can’t find millet, you can replace it by quinoa. Continue reading “Vegan millet porridge with apricot puree and fruit”

Vegan salad with quinoa, sweet potatoes, peppers and apricot

marokkaanse salade buiten.jpg

I’m into the Moroccan kitchen lately. I posted a recipe for Moroccan-style stuffed peppers on Tuesday and today I have a Moroccan style salad for you.

Will it be due to summer temperatures? Or because I was so inspired by writing about the specific scents in Morocco?

Either way, this salad is really YUMMIE! Nice and fresh with this heat, but also filling enough. The soft structures in the salad combine perfectly with the crunchy almonds and chickpeas.
Tip: Make a double serving and eat the other half the next day for lunch. You will see that the flavors get more infused.
The only downside is that the roasted chickpeas will not stay crispy. Roast only the amount of chickpeas that you will eat immediately.
In the salad for the next day you can put normal chickpeas. The almonds will give it the crunch it needs (keep them apart from the salad just like the arugula)