Vegan zucchini soup – easy and creamy

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a healthy tv-dinner

If you like to use products that are in season, you should really make zucchini soup this time of year. At least at my parents kitchen garden the amount and size of the zucchinis is impressive. And with the temperatures were having (in The Netherlands) soup is a great dish.

My parents live in Belgium and we stayed over for two nights. When we arrived my mother just returned from their small kitchen garden. At the kitchen table were lying about eight huge zucchinis (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture). And that’s after she gave a few away to a friend earlier.
Just before we would leave to go home I went along with my mother to take a look at this kitchen garden. And there were two more gigantic zucchinis.
We were going home with a lot of zucchinis!

When we arrived at home, we didn’t feel like doing any cooking anymore. But still I decided to make an easy zucchini soup, which turned out to be a piece of cake. Continue reading “Vegan zucchini soup – easy and creamy”

Fast and easy: vegan chicken wrapped in lettuce or with a pita sandwich

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Wheh…hot isn’s it? To be honoust, it’s very Dutch to complain about the weather. Too cold, too much rain, too hot… In fact, I think this weather is fantastic, but since I live in the city, I’m not that fond of high temperatures anymore. When living on the third floor in Amsterdam it just gets too hot.

But what I would like to say is that it’s too hot to be in the kitchen to stand behind the stove for a long time.
So today, a fast and light meal. Vegetarian chicken with veggies that you can either eat with a pita bread or wrapped in lettuce for a extra light meal with not too much carbs. Continue reading “Fast and easy: vegan chicken wrapped in lettuce or with a pita sandwich”