Easy snack: applesauce muffins (with biscoff spread!)

muffin met slagroom.JPG

I found a half-empty jar of apple sauce in the fridge, which is over filled already. And I needed a snack.

One and one is two, that apple sauce had to become a snack. But it needed some work. Muffins!

The rest of the family soon realised that something tasty was going to come out of the kitchen. In the end, there was one muffin left for me. 😂

I served them with some biscoff spread (which is vegan!) and vegan whipped cream. But actually they didn’t even need that.
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Airfryer oatmeal with raspberries (also possible in the oven)

schaaltje ovenhavermout.jpg

This is a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. The oatmeal becomes deliciously sweet because of the banana mixed through. And by putting it in the airfryer or oven it becomes almost like cake! So good!

The preperation is no work at all. You can do that the moment you get up. Just put it in the airfryer or oven, get in the shower and your breakfast is ready when you get out. Isn’t that a nice, relaxed start of your day?

Of all our kitchen equipment, the airfryer is still my favorite. It’s actually just a small, very powerful oven. But so handy, especially for small portions.
If you don’t own an airfryer, you can make this brekkie in the oven as well.
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