The Ultimate veggie lasagna! With delicious ‘cheese sauce’.

lasagne met ultieme kaassaus2

The main raeson it’s hard be a vegan: CHEESE. Cheese is the most delicious product ever made (as far as I am concerned). From a piece of Gouda to camembert or gorgonzola. Unfortunately I love it all the same.

Nevertheless, I still do my best to resist it. And more people should.
Last weeks (Dutch) news told us: The do’s and don’ ts for the climate: “Many people now know that meat, especially beef and pork, is not so sustainable. But that this also applies to cheese isn’t that well known. You might think that cheese is a vegetarian alternative and better than meat, but that’s not exactly the case. So if you eat large chunks of cheese instead of meat, you don’t gain much.

Fortunately there’s vegan cheese. I only think that this never melts very well. And the tips and tricks available (like putting it at the bottom of the pizza) don’t do the magic for me either. I also tried to use cashew cheese, but cashews contain just too much fat for everyday use.

But now I have found the solution! With this cheese sauce you really get a beautiful layer of melted cheese on your lasagna or other oven dish.

lasagne met ultieme kaassaus.jpg

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Vegan beet burgers with truffle cashew cheese

Today I’m sharing a recipe I did not come up with myself. I found it on the Facebook page of Munchies. It sounded so good that I had to try it.

“But unlike most vegan burgers, which have the consistency of either mulch or cardboard, the ‘meat’ itself—a mixture of beets, beans, mushrooms, and pumpkin seeds, among other things— is earthy as hell and damn delicious.”

Munchies is having a conversation here with Chandra Gilbert, executive chef of vegetarian restaurant Gracias Madre in LA. Continue reading “Vegan beet burgers with truffle cashew cheese”