Vegan appetizer: amazing pesto whirls

broodrolletjes klaar.jpg

If I may say so myself: I’ve come up with such a nice vegan appetizer! I was doing a good job when I came up with these stuffed mushrooms, but now I did it again! 😄

This is a very nice treat on a party or when you have visitors over. It is quite easy to make. You only have to keep in mind that it needs some oven time. But you can prepare these whirls very well in advance. Which is great, I think, so you won’t be in the kitchen while everyone is waiting for you! They can be eaten warm as well as cold.

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Vegan appetizer: stuffed mushrooms

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I still think it’s really hard to come up with a vegan appetizer that doesn’t take too much time to make and is a bit healthy too. Usually we don’t plan to eat an appetizer. We’re just having a drink and then decide we need something to nibble on. But most of the time it just comes down to opening a bag of chips/ crisps.

But yesterday I got an idea. I noticed we still had mushrooms in the fridge that we didn’t use for the BBQ the other day. So I stuffed them and actually I was no work at all. Continue reading “Vegan appetizer: stuffed mushrooms”