Vegan enchiladas with lots of veggies, tomato sauce and vegan cheese


I always like to veganise dishes that are liked by many.
For exemple enchiladas. Everyone likes those, right?

When I was a kid my parents used to buy those stuffed wraps at the butcher’s shop. And I remember so well that my father took them to me when I went to live on myself. Because I couldn’t afford them myself. I absolutely loved those things.

But you can easily make them yourself: vegan and super healthy. With lots of veggies. Continue reading “Vegan enchiladas with lots of veggies, tomato sauce and vegan cheese”

Easy snack: applesauce muffins (with biscoff spread!)

muffin met slagroom.JPG

I found a half-empty jar of apple sauce in the fridge, which is over filled already. And I needed a snack.

One and one is two, that apple sauce had to become a snack. But it needed some work. Muffins!

The rest of the family soon realised that something tasty was going to come out of the kitchen. In the end, there was one muffin left for me. 😂

I served them with some biscoff spread (which is vegan!) and vegan whipped cream. But actually they didn’t even need that.
Very tasty of course, but you are also very good without (to save on calories). Continue reading “Easy snack: applesauce muffins (with biscoff spread!)”

The Ultimate veggie lasagna! With delicious ‘cheese sauce’.

lasagne met ultieme kaassaus2

The main raeson it’s hard be a vegan: CHEESE. Cheese is the most delicious product ever made (as far as I am concerned). From a piece of Gouda to camembert or gorgonzola. Unfortunately I love it all the same.

Nevertheless, I still do my best to resist it. And more people should.
Last weeks (Dutch) news told us: The do’s and don’ ts for the climate: “Many people now know that meat, especially beef and pork, is not so sustainable. But that this also applies to cheese isn’t that well known. You might think that cheese is a vegetarian alternative and better than meat, but that’s not exactly the case. So if you eat large chunks of cheese instead of meat, you don’t gain much.

Fortunately there’s vegan cheese. I only think that this never melts very well. And the tips and tricks available (like putting it at the bottom of the pizza) don’t do the magic for me either. I also tried to use cashew cheese, but cashews contain just too much fat for everyday use.

But now I have found the solution! With this cheese sauce you really get a beautiful layer of melted cheese on your lasagna or other oven dish.

lasagne met ultieme kaassaus.jpg

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Super healthy comfort food: Vegan Pad Thai

pad thai.JPG

Pad Thai is a great comfort food, while ,packed with veggies, it can be super healthy.

You can read below how to make the most delicious vegan pad thai. It’s really not difficult!

You need to use the somewhat wider, flat rice noodles for this (not the rice vermicelli kind).
Because these noodles are made from rice, they are gluten-free. If you want to make the dish completely gluten-free, replace the soy sauce with tamari.
Tamarind paste can be found in any Indonesian shop (toko).

boodschappen pad thai.jpg

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Vegan frozen yogurt with a healty cookiestyle bottom

frozen yogurt van boven.jpg

Unfortunately the summer is now really coming to an end. Bad luck I’ve invented this frozen yogurt recipe just now. But sun or no sun, we are going to eat this anyway in the coming period!

And extra ‘cool’: you can make this breakfast in just a few minutes. So without any waiting time! Continue reading “Vegan frozen yogurt with a healty cookiestyle bottom”

Vegan zucchini soup – easy and creamy

courgettesoep eten voor tv.jpg
a healthy tv-dinner

If you like to use products that are in season, you should really make zucchini soup this time of year. At least at my parents kitchen garden the amount and size of the zucchinis is impressive. And with the temperatures were having (in The Netherlands) soup is a great dish.

My parents live in Belgium and we stayed over for two nights. When we arrived my mother just returned from their small kitchen garden. At the kitchen table were lying about eight huge zucchinis (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture). And that’s after she gave a few away to a friend earlier.
Just before we would leave to go home I went along with my mother to take a look at this kitchen garden. And there were two more gigantic zucchinis.
We were going home with a lot of zucchinis!

When we arrived at home, we didn’t feel like doing any cooking anymore. But still I decided to make an easy zucchini soup, which turned out to be a piece of cake. Continue reading “Vegan zucchini soup – easy and creamy”

Vegan quinoa salad with edamame

tafel quinoasalade

On my eldest daughters birthday I made guacemole. The greengrocer had a the avocados on sale so I got over excited and bought loads. I had a lot of guacemole left over… I kept it in the fridge, too good to throw away! But fortunately guacemole goes very nice with salad as a replacer of salad dressing. So in this recipe I used my leftover guacemole, but you can use plain avocados just as well. Continue reading “Vegan quinoa salad with edamame”

Airfryer oatmeal with raspberries (also possible in the oven)

schaaltje ovenhavermout.jpg

This is a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. The oatmeal becomes deliciously sweet because of the banana mixed through. And by putting it in the airfryer or oven it becomes almost like cake! So good!

The preperation is no work at all. You can do that the moment you get up. Just put it in the airfryer or oven, get in the shower and your breakfast is ready when you get out. Isn’t that a nice, relaxed start of your day?

Of all our kitchen equipment, the airfryer is still my favorite. It’s actually just a small, very powerful oven. But so handy, especially for small portions.
If you don’t own an airfryer, you can make this brekkie in the oven as well.
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Vegan appetizer: amazing pesto whirls

broodrolletjes klaar.jpg

If I may say so myself: I’ve come up with such a nice vegan appetizer! I was doing a good job when I came up with these stuffed mushrooms, but now I did it again! 😄

This is a very nice treat on a party or when you have visitors over. It is quite easy to make. You only have to keep in mind that it needs some oven time. But you can prepare these whirls very well in advance. Which is great, I think, so you won’t be in the kitchen while everyone is waiting for you! They can be eaten warm as well as cold.

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Vegan appetizer: stuffed mushrooms

gevulde champignons2.png

I still think it’s really hard to come up with a vegan appetizer that doesn’t take too much time to make and is a bit healthy too. Usually we don’t plan to eat an appetizer. We’re just having a drink and then decide we need something to nibble on. But most of the time it just comes down to opening a bag of chips/ crisps.

But yesterday I got an idea. I noticed we still had mushrooms in the fridge that we didn’t use for the BBQ the other day. So I stuffed them and actually I was no work at all. Continue reading “Vegan appetizer: stuffed mushrooms”