Vegan quinoa salad with edamame

tafel quinoasalade

On my eldest daughters birthday I made guacemole. The greengrocer had a the avocados on sale so I got over excited and bought loads. I had a lot of guacemole left over… I kept it in the fridge, too good to throw away! But fortunately guacemole goes very nice with salad as a replacer of salad dressing. So in this recipe I used my leftover guacemole, but you can use plain avocados just as well. Continue reading “Vegan quinoa salad with edamame”

Airfryer oatmeal with raspberries (also possible in the oven)

schaaltje ovenhavermout.jpg

This is a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. The oatmeal becomes deliciously sweet because of the banana mixed through. And by putting it in the airfryer or oven it becomes almost like cake! So good!

The preperation is no work at all. You can do that the moment you get up. Just put it in the airfryer or oven, get in the shower and your breakfast is ready when you get out. Isn’t that a nice, relaxed start of your day?

Of all our kitchen equipment, the airfryer is still my favorite. It’s actually just a small, very powerful oven. But so handy, especially for small portions.
If you don’t own an airfryer, you can make this brekkie in the oven as well.
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Vegan appetizer: amazing pesto whirls

broodrolletjes klaar.jpg

If I may say so myself: I’ve come up with such a nice vegan appetizer! I was doing a good job when I came up with these stuffed mushrooms, but now I did it again! 😄

This is a very nice treat on a party or when you have visitors over. It is quite easy to make. You only have to keep in mind that it needs some oven time. But you can prepare these whirls very well in advance. Which is great, I think, so you won’t be in the kitchen while everyone is waiting for you! They can be eaten warm as well as cold.

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Vegan appetizer: stuffed mushrooms

gevulde champignons2.png

I still think it’s really hard to come up with a vegan appetizer that doesn’t take too much time to make and is a bit healthy too. Usually we don’t plan to eat an appetizer. We’re just having a drink and then decide we need something to nibble on. But most of the time it just comes down to opening a bag of chips/ crisps.

But yesterday I got an idea. I noticed we still had mushrooms in the fridge that we didn’t use for the BBQ the other day. So I stuffed them and actually I was no work at all. Continue reading “Vegan appetizer: stuffed mushrooms”

Vegan sushi – multiple combinations


Sushi is so good, and lots of people still don’t know how easy it is to make. Just keep in mind to cook the rice in advance, so it has time to cool down.

I myself am a real sushi-killer. I mix as much wasabi as possible through the soy sauce and then I almost drown those things in it 🙊
Do you like that too? Or do you eat your sushi the way you’re supposed to?
I also heard it is preferred to eat sushi with your bare hands instead of using chopsticks!
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Vegan milkshake smoothiebowl – for a cold start


Actually I’m not very fond of smoothies. And I think smoothiebowls are overrated. 🙈
But I do like (healthy) milkshakes and ice cream for breakfast. 😋

And with these hot nights lately a cool and chilly breakfast is certainly welcome. Therefor I was looking forward to something milkshake-like this morning. And I have to admit that smoothiebowls can look very pretty, so I put it in a bowl. Smoothiebowls are kind of ok 😁

These days I make sure I’m prepared. I  put my overripe bananas in chunks in a ziplock bag in the freezer. That way I can always make healthy ice cream or milkshakes.


Serves 2

What do you need?

  • 3 frozen bananas
  • soy milk (about 450 ml)
  • frozen raspberries, 3 hands full
  • 1 tbsp date syrup (optional)
  • toppings, like raspberries, blueberries, roasted coconut, sesame seed and sunflower seeds

What to do with it

Put the bananas, raspberries and half the milk in the blender and mix.

Doe de bananen, frambozen en de helft van de melk in keukenmachine of blender en mix. Pour the rest of the milk in a bit at a time. Stop when it has the right consistancy for you. (maybe you will need a little less or more milk). If you want it sweeter, add date syrup. Put it into two large bowls and top with desired toppings.

smoothiebowls voet

Vegan pasta alla Norma

Do you know pasta alla Norma? It’s a very tasty pasta dish with fried eggplant, tomato and chili pepper. Traditionally pasta alla Norma also contains ricotta cheese. But it’s just as good without. And for non-vegans: you’ll save a lot of calories!

I always wondered who would be the Norma who came up with this dish. But it seems to be named after Bellinis opera Norma en finds its origin in Catania, a city on the east coast of Sicily. Continue reading “Vegan pasta alla Norma”

Taco with pumpkin and carrot salad

taco met pompoen en wortelsalade.jpg

It’s almost our oldest daughter’s birthday. Which means we need to take a critical look at all the stuff in the fridge and freezer. Otherwise we can never chill all the drinks and food for the visiting family. Only stuff that’s gone bad I throw out and for the rest I will have to  cook with leftovers.

I found a package of frozen pumpkin in the freezer. Usually we don’t eat pumpkin in the summer. But when it’s there, why not? That’s how I came up with this taco-pumpkin recipe.

taco tafel

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